The ‘Hidden’ explores the world through images of objects and their details. Each image is personal, an object chosen specifically by an individual so, for this reason, it's called ‘Hidden Portrait’. Relics "In truth, I prefer to consider it as a series of portraits veiled by the appearance of an object. Each photograph shows an item with which a person has created a relationship and which they consider to have become a part of them"
As artists, we are primarily inspired by our families. Our families are narrative, symbolic, visual. These series recount and explore the stories; our values, attitudes and habits. "... through the shapes, the edges, and the lights in black and white, I try to trace the presence of the human beings in my life. I'm interested in photography that keeps a memory alive, that shares experiences. I want my photography to talk frankly and to convey my intimate vision."
This series is a meditation on daily life. Layers which exist only in my mind, which recall memories gathered from my travels around the world. The pictures describe the space and the chaos created by human beings. Superimposition " I try to sculpt memories; layering experiences, describing spaces and chaos, resulting in abstract images. Colours, objects, people and lights are entwined in a concert of dissonant sounds inviting me to reflect."
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