The ‘Hidden’ explores the world through images of objects and their details. Each image is personal, an object chosen specifically by an individual so, for this reason, it's called ‘Hidden Portrait’. Relics "In truth, I prefer to consider it as a series of portraits veiled by the appearance of an object. Each photograph shows an item with which a person has created a relationship and which they consider to have become a part of them"

"I believe that our brief lives can be linked to the objects we carry with us. Shoes, gloves, ties, scarves, boots, charms, bags, books and jewellery all narrate the stories that unfold throughout the process of ageing"
Marco (1962) SCARPE - 2008
Holly (1989) NECKLACE - 2017
Lucio (1955) SCIARPA - 2014
Ida (1938) PESO - 2016
Carla (1968) CERCHIETTO - 2016
Federico (1969) -  CRAVATTA - 2016
Marco (1962) SCARPE - 2016
Ida (1938) CHIAVE - 2016
Andrea (1968) HASSELBLAB - 2015
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